The Art of Letter Writing Revived

Have you noticed recently that there’s a letter writing revival going on? Yes people, pen and ink and beautiful paper are enjoying a renaissance. At Ananya it’s definitely a revival that we are absolutely crushing on. Who doesn’t love receiving a beautifully written note on gorgeous paper? We’ll take that over a text message any day.

Writing the Perfect Letter

"Now that handwriting is a choice, not a chore, and there is a premium on the unique rather than the infinitely reproducible, people are beginning to discover, or rediscover, the thrill of pen and ink.’" -  Daisy Goodwin, Sunday Times November 2014

When we say we love receiving a letter we do, of course, assume that the letter will be written on paper worthy of the effort involved in hand writing those precious words.


For timeless elegance, think of heavyweight (at least 100 gsm) cream, ivory or white paper. Create something special with personalised monogrammed writing paper and envelopes. You just can’t go wrong. But, if you want colour, try envelopes lined with your favourite colour, or bold writing paper in contemporary colours. We love cobalt blue, hot cerise or deep emerald green; bright without running the risk of your recipient developing an instant migraine. If, like the team here at Ananya HQ, you’re a visual person, you might include a hand drawn artisan card as a lovely memento.

Wax seal monogram.jpeg
embossed 1.jpg

Word Perfect

Finding the right words for a handwritten letter may seem like a gargantuan effort at first. And you’re right, it does take effort compared to a quickly fired off text or e-mail. When you write a handwritten letter what you’re actually saying is that you value the love and the friendship of the person that you’re writing to. You’ve taken the time to consider your words and you’ve taken pleasure in writing the letter.

Put Pen to Paper  

If you have barely picked up a pen since schooldays, using a ballpoint pen to write may come easier. At Ananya HQ we are big fans of fountain pens. Why? To write with a fountain pen is to experience a slower, more considered pace of life that has a frisson of romance associated with it. You can’t backspace or delete, so each and every word is considered and beautifully written.

And when it comes to receiving a handwritten notecard, what a joy it is to see something so special in the mailbox or on the mat by the front door. It’s akin to receiving a small exquisite gift, complete with the delicious anticipation of who it may be from. For our MD Vaishali, reading a handwritten letter or notecard from a friend or loved one is worthy of putting aside special time to read it. This isn’t the moment to read in a hurry, it’s time instead to find your favourite spot, sit back, relax and read.


Whether you are a writer or a recipient, at Ananya we hope that you enjoy the art of letter writing. Please do let us know in the comments below.


A picture is worth a thousand words…

So many emotions can be captured in just one 'click' that there is little left to explain. There in itself is the beauty of photo cards. A well-chosen photograph on the front of a beautiful photo card created to depict the very occasion it is set to represent is worth a thousand words. From wedding announcements to baby birth announcements, photo cards are a great way to announce, inform and reveal. With recent trends of smaller, more intimate yet exquisite weddings, at home or a marvellous destination, creating unique and bespoke photo cards as part of a couples wedding stationery is a great way to share and announce the special occasion with many. Make that extended 'guest list' a part of your 'post' wedding with the perfect wedding photo adorned with a few simple words straight from the heart. Thought about a photo card as a 'thank you note' to thank all those who made it to a remote location to celebrate your special day?

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! It’s twins!!! One of the most precious moments in a parent’s life can be shared with family and friends near and far with a bespoke photo card.

ananya photo collage
ananya photo collage

The options and occasions are countless. With bespoke creation and design being the heart of ananya, let ananya help you express yourself with the perfect photo cards. ananya’s photo cards are printed on transparent film, making each one without equal.

Photos, after all, are worth a thousand words!

Until next time...Namaste and enjoy ananya life!