The Art of Letter Writing Revived

Have you noticed recently that there’s a letter writing revival going on? Yes people, pen and ink and beautiful paper are enjoying a renaissance. At Ananya it’s definitely a revival that we are absolutely crushing on. Who doesn’t love receiving a beautifully written note on gorgeous paper? We’ll take that over a text message any day.

Writing the Perfect Letter

"Now that handwriting is a choice, not a chore, and there is a premium on the unique rather than the infinitely reproducible, people are beginning to discover, or rediscover, the thrill of pen and ink.’" -  Daisy Goodwin, Sunday Times November 2014

When we say we love receiving a letter we do, of course, assume that the letter will be written on paper worthy of the effort involved in hand writing those precious words.


For timeless elegance, think of heavyweight (at least 100 gsm) cream, ivory or white paper. Create something special with personalised monogrammed writing paper and envelopes. You just can’t go wrong. But, if you want colour, try envelopes lined with your favourite colour, or bold writing paper in contemporary colours. We love cobalt blue, hot cerise or deep emerald green; bright without running the risk of your recipient developing an instant migraine. If, like the team here at Ananya HQ, you’re a visual person, you might include a hand drawn artisan card as a lovely memento.

Wax seal monogram.jpeg
embossed 1.jpg

Word Perfect

Finding the right words for a handwritten letter may seem like a gargantuan effort at first. And you’re right, it does take effort compared to a quickly fired off text or e-mail. When you write a handwritten letter what you’re actually saying is that you value the love and the friendship of the person that you’re writing to. You’ve taken the time to consider your words and you’ve taken pleasure in writing the letter.

Put Pen to Paper  

If you have barely picked up a pen since schooldays, using a ballpoint pen to write may come easier. At Ananya HQ we are big fans of fountain pens. Why? To write with a fountain pen is to experience a slower, more considered pace of life that has a frisson of romance associated with it. You can’t backspace or delete, so each and every word is considered and beautifully written.

And when it comes to receiving a handwritten notecard, what a joy it is to see something so special in the mailbox or on the mat by the front door. It’s akin to receiving a small exquisite gift, complete with the delicious anticipation of who it may be from. For our MD Vaishali, reading a handwritten letter or notecard from a friend or loved one is worthy of putting aside special time to read it. This isn’t the moment to read in a hurry, it’s time instead to find your favourite spot, sit back, relax and read.


Whether you are a writer or a recipient, at Ananya we hope that you enjoy the art of letter writing. Please do let us know in the comments below.


Countdown to Christmas: The Definitive Stationery Guide for Christmas & the Winter Season

Yes, we know we’ve only just got passed Halloween and all that. But, that also means that the party season is upon us, as is Christmas. Whatever winter wonderland you may visit, or Christmas cocktail parties you may throw, you need to start planning now. Here at Ananya HQ we have inspiring invites, elegant stationery, festive fun and more. Read on for our definitively divine survival guide for the winter season…

Your first party invite for Christmas has dropped through the letter box. What next? 

First of all, celebrate the fact that you’ve got great friends who take the time to send you a proper invite! Now, if they’re really on the ball, your host will have included an RSVP card with the invite. No? Don’t worry. Just send them an RSVP card of your own. A handwritten note to accept or decline will do just fine. It’s extra special when written on beautiful quality writing paper. Want to push the boat out a little? Invest in bespoke RSVP cards that you can use for any occasion.

You’re throwing a winter cocktail party for friends and colleagues:

For a perfect start to your celebrations, how about a bespoke cocktail party invite? Great Gatsby themes are always popular for cocktail parties.

Gatsby stationery.jpg

Or, if you want something less ‘shiny’, how about a more restrained 30’s theme in cool tones of cream and black? 

At Ananya HQ we love colour! Our favourite for something a little different is a rich deep red for ‘a night to remember’...

You’re a guest at a formal dinner party and want to be remembered for all the right reasons:

It’s easy these days to swap details over smartphones. But, how about investing in a personal card? We’re not talking your corporate business card here, but something altogether more elegant. Reminiscent of a more refined age, a simple embossed card says everything. With just your name and contact details, express your personality through font and colour.

You’re going to treat yourself to the perfect gift from you to you. What will it be? 

Start a trend amongst friends to use ink rather than e-mail! Indulge in a fine set of monogrammed, personalised stationery. Choose from fine paper and simple envelopes. Or maybe opt for personal notecards and envelopes lined in your favourite colour.

Wax Seal

Maybe you want to channel your inner artist?

Our Colour Me range of cards to 'colour in' is just perfect. Ranging from hello to thank you, they’re light-hearted and fun.

And what do we think at Ananya HQ are the colours for the Christmas season?

Whilst the classic elements of gold, silver and white remain, its natural elements that dominate this season, whether it's a winter wedding invitation or party invite. With earthy organic colours and textures, think deep green, sage and plum. Highlights come from accents of copper bound together with organic textures. Think of the warmth of wool, wood and velvet.

Winter Wedding

Feeling inspired? Let’s create something special. Contact us today on +44 (0)20 7242 1877 or to discuss your design ideas. Winter and Christmas never looked so good!

Until next time,

Vaishali x



Wedding Stationery Trends for 2013

2013 has arrived and with it, come the dreams and aspirations of every bride to have her perfect wedding. So what are the trends for 2013 that will help her create the wedding of her dreams and also one that is a la mode? Below are our thoughts... Glitz, Glamour and the Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby green and black wedding invitation
Great Gatsby green and black wedding invitation
Great Gatsby cream and gold wedding invitation
Great Gatsby cream and gold wedding invitation

With the much-anticipated movie the Great Gatsby finally being launched later this year, the 1920’s fashion has already begun to make an appearance. Translating this retro style into stationery will mean soft and shimmery backgrounds, dreamy and lace-textured looks and floral motifs - all heavily encrusted with crystals. Designs can also be bold and geometric and attention grabbing. Quite simply, a feast for the eyes!

Ombré: Shaded, Faded, Gradient

Ombre shaded wedding invitation
Ombre shaded wedding invitation
Ombré shaded green and brown wedding invitation
Ombré shaded green and brown wedding invitation

The shaded or Ombré look has definitely caught on, and will continue to be favoured in 2013. The dipped and dyed effect gives the look of colour graduations from dark to light. Often based on a monochromatic colour scheme, three different complementary colours can also be combined. The Ombré look has pervaded clothes, fashion accessories and even cosmetics and will be seen in stationery with dramatic effect.

East Meets West

Bespoke paisley lotus wedding invitation
Bespoke paisley lotus wedding invitation
Bandhani Bliss India inspired wedding invitation
Bandhani Bliss India inspired wedding invitation

The enduring allure of India and the East is such that time and again, top fashion and beauty houses such as Chanel and Boucheron have been drawn to its multi-faceted heritage for inspiration. This fascination with the East will continue to play an important part in 2013 because of its undying appeal.

Couples are not shying away from choosing strong, dramatic gemstone colours that are rich and exotic, and tones that spell opulence. The designs create a modern interpretation of traditional images and symbols, skilfully harmonising the East and West. Studded with crystal embellishments, they are Bollywood come alive!

Making a Personal Statement

Monogrammed crystal cake topper
Monogrammed crystal cake topper

Couples will want the stationery to be an expression of who they are. Whether adopting the latest on trend colour or other popular themes, they will want those themes to be intertwined with splashes of their own choosing – wanting the wedding invite to create the right tone – their tone.

Monograms will continue to be highly favoured as a way to express who we are and what we stand for as well as aspects that embrace our cultural heritage. They can also be adapted for use in a variety of ways to suit one’s needs. Monograms can become a work of art when embellished with crystals, adding that special exotic sparkle and shimmer.  It’s no wonder that such gorgeous invitations often become a keepsake – a fabulous souvenir to look back on with pride.

Cool Colour Hot Trend

Mint Modern wedding invitation
Mint Modern wedding invitation
Exotic Emerald wedding invitation by Ananya
Exotic Emerald wedding invitation by Ananya

The soft and soothing colour of mint looks all set to become a hot trend in 2013. After the fiery, passionate, colour palette of 2012’s Tangerine Tango, the cool, crisp and fresh tones of mint will be most refreshing. Emerald, Pantone's Colour for 2013, will also be a very popular choice. Cool and serene or majestic and mesmerising, Emerald can be used as an accent colour to add that all important sparkle or as a predominant colour, as deep and vibrant as the Amazon jungle. The main colour can be carried through the entire suite of stationery with variations on tones.

Fantasy and Fairy Tale

Pink butterfly wedding invitation
Pink butterfly wedding invitation

Given the uncertain and volatile nature of the events of 2012, weddings in 2013 will be a great excuse to escape from the concerns of everyday living. The stationery will reflect a fantasy world full of magic and beauty. Soft colours, birds and butterflies, layering of designs and a touch of sparkle will create romantic and captivating stationery.

Classic and Always in Fashion

Classic monochrome wedding invitation
Classic monochrome wedding invitation

For those of us who like simple and understated chic, the classic look will always be in style - a relaxed feel with timeless designs and quiet luxury that speaks volumes. Soft colours, monochromes, monograms, minimal fuss and beautiful.

What are your favourite trends for 2013? We'd love you to share your ideas with us.

Credits: All invitation designs by Ananya

Let's Hear It For New York!

ananya is heading to the Big Apple! We’re very excited to announce that we will be exhibiting our wedding stationery in New York City at the Wedding Channel Couture Show, which is the premier bridal industry trade show in the city. It is a biennial event, where designers, press and retailers of the bridal world meet and announce the latest wedding trends and fashions. It is a chance for us, and several other British companies, to introduce ourselves to the New York wedding market. The show is taking place in the InterContinental Hotel New York Barclay, in Midtown, Manhattan from the 9th of April, during International Bridal week, and we are absolutely thrilled to be taking part. There will be a special 'Royal Britannia' showcase arranged by our fabulous PR company, Propose PR, which will involve an exhibition of wedding necessities inspired by the Royal Wedding, including favours, evening wear and shoes, as well as ananya’s stationery!

We are planning on showcasing several of our wedding stationery collections at the show, including Royal Romance (our Royal wedding inspired collection), Viva Vintage, Peacock Panache and Picture Perfect, as well as some designs we have created especially for the event.

ananya's NYC wedding invitation collection
ananya's NYC wedding invitation collection

We are especially excited about the prospect of introducing ourselves to the wedding market in the United States, having worked with some American clients in the past. It is certainly an area where we would like to expand and we look forward to creating more exclusive wedding stationery for US clients.

ananya goes across the pond this week, and we cannot wait! Although we cannot be there in person to experience the city that never sleeps, our designs will be showcased and hopefully will speak for themselves...

Until next time...Namaste and enjoy ananya life!

Tartan and Henna – a marriage of two cultures

Today, there is an increase in the number of multicultural weddings as many people who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds decide to get married to each other. Unsurprisingly, during their wedding ceremony they want to incorporate aspects of both their cultures, and show that their marriage is a fusion of their different traditions and customs. Sheila and Nigel, a recently wed couple, did just that. Sheila and Nigel met at a friend’s wedding, as they both worked at the same law firm but had never met. They hit it off immediately, and Sheila says that, “Needless to say we didn't speak to many other people that night!” Nigel was living in Dubai at that time, so it wasn’t clear what would happen next, but he later invited Sheila to dinner and they had a great time, which simply confirmed how well they got on. According to Sheila, he was “a perfect gentleman!”

Last November, the couple got engaged while trekking in Nepal. Nigel lugged a bottle of champagne with two glasses in a rucksack during their trek, prepared for a very romantic proposal. After 6 days of hiking, they stopped at Sing Gompa, a place with unrivalled views of the Himalayas. It was sunset and they’d just had their first hot shower of the week and were relaxing and listening to Edith Piaf’s ‘La Vie en Rose’ on the iPod. Nigel later said that at that moment Sheila was looking “radiant” in the evening light – the big moment had arrived! Nigel asked Sheila to marry him and without a moment’s hesitation, Sheila said “I’d love to” and then asked him to repeat the question so she could say “yes”! Nigel has said that that “yes” is the single most significant and happy word that anyone has ever spoken to him.

Nigel is Scottish and Sheila is half Indian half Scottish, so they decided to have a Scottish-Indian wedding. They got married at the magnificent Stirling castle in Scotland.

Sheila and Nigel's Wedding
Sheila and Nigel's Wedding

About the themes and colours of the wedding, Sheila says that, “My grandparents are Goan, and my mother is fairly westernised, so I don't have enormous amounts of Indian culture in my day-to-day life. However, I knew I wanted to do something a little different and incorporate some aspects of Indian culture into the wedding. It's the blessing and curse of mixed race children perhaps; you don't feel comfortable entirely committing to one culture or the other! So I initially opted for an Indian wedding dress, well firstly I'd wanted Indian colours in the dress fabric, then upon going to a couple of Indian bridal shows, I decided on a modern lengha. I was able to have some light gold/cream in a nod to a western dress, together with a more traditional maroon, all with co-ordinating embroidery, and a blue/turquoise scarf which had elements of Nigel's kilt colours in it.” Sheila had henna designs on her hands and feet and beaded bracelets on her wrists. Their flowers were all brightly coloured and Sheila carried red and orange calla lilies, all of which toned in beautifully both with the Indian and Scottish aspects of the ceremony.

For the wedding invitations, Sheila was keen to continue the bright Indian colours. She says, "I couldn't imagine having a gilt edged cream invite, it's just not me. ananya created a fantastic turquoise invite with a paisley design which clearly embodied the mix of Scottish and Indian cultures, and in a contemporary way. Shocking pink combined perfectly with the base colour. We loved our invitations, as did our guests, as we received numerous compliments on the richness of the colours and the embossed texture. It felt bespoke without the price tag!"

Sheila believes that in order to have a stress free wedding, it’s best to incorporate what you want as it’s your day. She also says that it’s best not to get stressed if things do happen to go wrong on the day, as everyone is usually too busy enjoying themselves to notice. She avoided some traditions which she felt were unnecessary, such as cake, since it was an evening wedding, and they extended the canapés and drinks on the day, as that has always been their favourite part of weddings.

Until next time...Namaste and enjoy ananya life!

A picture is worth a thousand words…

So many emotions can be captured in just one 'click' that there is little left to explain. There in itself is the beauty of photo cards. A well-chosen photograph on the front of a beautiful photo card created to depict the very occasion it is set to represent is worth a thousand words. From wedding announcements to baby birth announcements, photo cards are a great way to announce, inform and reveal. With recent trends of smaller, more intimate yet exquisite weddings, at home or a marvellous destination, creating unique and bespoke photo cards as part of a couples wedding stationery is a great way to share and announce the special occasion with many. Make that extended 'guest list' a part of your 'post' wedding with the perfect wedding photo adorned with a few simple words straight from the heart. Thought about a photo card as a 'thank you note' to thank all those who made it to a remote location to celebrate your special day?

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! It’s twins!!! One of the most precious moments in a parent’s life can be shared with family and friends near and far with a bespoke photo card.

ananya photo collage
ananya photo collage

The options and occasions are countless. With bespoke creation and design being the heart of ananya, let ananya help you express yourself with the perfect photo cards. ananya’s photo cards are printed on transparent film, making each one without equal.

Photos, after all, are worth a thousand words!

Until next time...Namaste and enjoy ananya life!

My Royal Monogram

The monogram commonly affiliated with Louis Vuitton, weddings, stationery and luxury cars, has its roots in royalty. Historically, a monogram was used as a royal signature. The Romans and Greeks used monograms as currency (transitioning from the barter system). High society Victorians adopted and personalised the monogram to signify their place in society. Fast-forward a generation or two.…then came the evolution of the distinguishable monogram – LV (and others in the world of luxurious fashion).

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