Fusion Winter Wedding

Planning a fusion or multicultural wedding, while offering amazing possibilities to create a unique and memorable blend of two different traditions, can also be a daunting task, and requires in-depth knowledge and expertise to pull it off successfully. Ananya is delighted to have London wedding planner and designer Ishari De Silva share some important tips and facts to consider when planning a fusion winter wedding. Specialising in both couture as well as fusion weddings, Ishari and her team draw on the latest wedding trends and cutting-edge design for couples on a range of budgets to create an exquisite wedding. This is what she says:

When it comes to fusion weddings, especially Asian/fusion weddings, it is all about the vibrant colour schemes and the term 'less is more'… goes out the window! So we have created a mood board that is slightly different, opting for a simple yet elegant and regal colour scheme perfect for a winter wedding.

Mood Board
Mood Board

Firstly, the main colours work with white, cream, blush and use gold as the accent colour. When I design I always have three or four main colours, complementing shades or different shades of the same colour (ombre) and then silver, gold or rose gold/copper as the accent colour. Damask linen in champagne or ivory with gold chivari chairs with the matching seating pads to the linens are perfect for this design. Keep the napkins simple in plain ivory/champagne; gold cutlery and crystal glassware with gold edging will tie in the basics of this look as we have discussed so far.

Keep your invites simple with the gold design as seen in the mood board, and I would recommend going for a custom monogram of your initials and laser cut details to compliment this regal look of this wedding design. For the seating plan I love the design in the mood board; it is clearly custom made but if your budget does not allow a custom design like that go for a large decadent gold frame and get your stationer to print the seating plan or get a large mirror with a similar frame and get a calligrapher to hand write your seating plan on it.

The mandap design in the mood board can actually be designed by a few mandap companies in the UK from what I saw at the Asian Wedding Show, and get your florist to mix white, cream and blush flowers to create floral borders and the draping flowers for the mandap. A little tip if the venue permits - create a sea of candles in gold tealight holders around the mandap for effect; it will add a beautiful warm glow.

As for flowers, keep them all white, cream and blush, tall centerpieces or small full centerpieces are your choice, but to complement, add gold candelabras which will create a warm romantic atmosphere. I would also suggest hiring a champagne or dull gold sequin tablecloth for your cake table!

So there you have it - basics to achieve this regal fusion winter wedding!

Ishari De Silva - Wedding Planner & Designer


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Seasonal Stationery

At Ananya, we think any time of year can be wedding season. That’s why we design stationery to fit the mood, colours and themes of all four seasons. Once you set a date, let the season be the inspiration for your wedding preparations. Remember, your stationery is the first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding. Therefore, make sure to decide on your seasonal theme early and continue the designs throughout all the other aspects of your big day.

Spring Forward

Spring is a great time of year to get married. New flowers are blooming, the sun is shining again and everyone is in better spirits after the long, wet winter. Just have back-up plans at the ready for unpredictable weather and outside ceremonies! We think spring can be full of inspiration for the colour and designs of your wedding stationery. Light and cheerful colours taken from nature such as pink, yellow and peach would work well for your stationery. Designs incorporating flowers or butterflies will also set the tone for a bright and joyous celebration. We’ve infused  these spring elements into our Floral Fantasy and Butterfly Beauty designs.

floral fancy_wedding invitation4_from -ú4_ananyacards.com
butterfly beauty_wedding invitation3_from -ú4_ananyacards.com

Summer Lovin’

Summer is arguably the most popular time of year to get hitched. The warm weather and relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends. Whether you are having a formal affair or a small gathering in your garden, the summer theme can be incorporated into your stationery in many different ways. Floral prints such as daisies and dandelions will be a hit with garden celebrations. Choose summertime colours such as a bold pink, sky blue, sunny yellow or grassy green. Lace is always a popular design that works well for both formal and casual settings as it can be dressed-up or down based on the colour you use. We’ve used different summer characteristics to create our Summer Meadow and Lace Love designs.

Summer Meadow_invitation4_from -ú3.50_ananyacards.com
Lace Love

Autumn Appeal

Autumn can also be a wonderful time of year for a season-inspired wedding. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing colours and everything feels fresh and new. Natural and rustic designs such as trees and leaves would help to set the theme in your stationery. Choose cosy and comforting colours such as burnt oranges, warm reds, light browns and caramels. Halloween is becoming increasingly more popular as an autumn wedding theme. Fun couples throwing a monster mash of a wedding can incorporate haunting designs of eerie animals into their spooky stationery. Your favourite vampires, ghosts and zombies will love receiving your bewitching invitation! We’ve incorporated these elements into our Autumn Allure and Halloween Harmony designs.

Halloween Harmony_wedding invitation2_from £4_ananyacards.com

Winter Wonderland

Last, but certainly not least, winter is a magical time of year for a wedding. There’s a chill in the air, but with a sense of excitement and holiday cheer. Some brides dream of snow for a truly white wedding, while others will have the space heaters blazing in their white tents. Either way, snowflakes make the perfect design for your stationery. No two snowflakes are alike just as no two weddings are the same. Christmas and New Year celebrations can also inspire your theme. Choose traditional reds and greens for cheery Christmas celebrations or black and white combinations for fancy, formal New Year affairs. We’ve created our Winter Wedding and Gatsby Glamour designs to suit either occasion.

winter wedding_green and red_from -ú4_ananyacards.com

As you can see, it’s easy to incorporate seasonal designs, colours and themes into your stationery and throughout your wedding. No matter what time of year you choose to get married, remember to have fun with your stationery and make sure it truly represents you and your partner as a couple. Your stationery might suit the whole season, but you only get one big day!

Ananya's Top Wedding Stationery Trends for 2014

2014 has arrived! At Ananya, we love creating wedding stationery that reflects the top colour, embellishment and style trends of the year. If you’re getting married in 2014 then look no further for stationery advice! If you want to make a statement this year, start by choosing one of our picks for the top trends in 2014.

Top Trend: Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2014

Radiant Orchid

Pantone has announced that its 2014 Colour of the Year is Radiant Orchid. This captivating and charming shade of purple is perfect for romantic stationery and is set to dazzle the wedding scene this year. At Ananya, we love this enchanting, vibrant colour and have designed a collection of stationery that radiates love. This colour will be the hottest trend in fashion and interiors for 2014. Expect to see this colour accompanied with complimentary Ombre or monochrome shades. Make Radiant Orchid your stationery statement for 2014!

Top Trend: Signature Style

Bespoke Stationery

bespoke peacock wedding day invitation6_POA_ananyacards.com
bespoke peacock wedding day invitation7_POA_ananyacards.com

At Ananya, we specialise in creating bespoke wedding stationery that truly reflects the personal style and image of the happy couple. My team and I will meet with you on a number of occasions to offer suggestions and create exclusive designs. For truly unique creations, we can design a monogram to add an elegant touch to your stationery that symbolises your everlasting commitment to each other. Plus, their versatile use and adaptability make monograms a wonderful keepsake that can be used for years to come. For an extra hint of sparkle, the stationery can be hand embellished with crystals to bring a bit of glitz and glamour to your wedding.

Top Trend: Vintage Luxe

Pearl Embellishments

With the success of The Great Gatsbyfilm in 2013, vintage motifs and delicate lace designs have taken over the wedding world. At Ananya, 2014 will be the year of pearl embellishments! Sweet pearls give an elegant and feminine touch to your stationery and set the tone for a luxurious celebration. Pearls can be hand embellished onto any of the Ananya collections and are a special accent for vintage-style designs. Pick pearls for timeless stationery with a romantic glow in 2014.

Tango black
Viva Vintage11_ananyacards.com

No matter what trend you choose, you can’t go wrong with Radiant Orchid, Signature Style or Vintage Luxe in 2014!

Wedding DIY: Downloadable Bunting

Pack A Punch With Buntings; We Show You How Perfect for setting the scene at a wedding, buntings have become hugely popular as a way to add that all important personalised element. With a diverse range of uses and materials from which to craft buntings, you can use them to tell a story, display a symbolic message, or have the bride and groom’s names, as we show you how.

A big display of buntings will look dramatic in a large space, while small ones can stand on guest tables, and even on top of the wedding cake! Easy to put up, they can even be used as decoration for the bridal room. With the incredible choice of colours, fonts, textures and materials available, the possibilities are truly endless!

We at Ananya are all about personalising wedding stationery and below we show you how to create ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ buntings using our template. It’s fun and easy to do, and should get your creative juices flowing to add your own unique touch and flair!

Each bunting template is A5 in size and so there are two templates per A4 piece of paper.

free downloadable wedding bunting for outdoors summer wedding
free downloadable wedding bunting for outdoors summer wedding
free downloadable yellow wedding bunting for outdoors summer wedding
free downloadable yellow wedding bunting for outdoors summer wedding
free downloadable wedding bunting for outdoors summer wedding
free downloadable wedding bunting for outdoors summer wedding
free downloadable grey wedding bunting for outdoors summer wedding
free downloadable grey wedding bunting for outdoors summer wedding

- Download the templates and print on white cardstock. - Cut around the templates. - Using a hole punch, punch 2 holes along each corner of the top of the bunting templates (where instructed). - Using a long piece of string, thread through each bunting template, adding knots after each hole as you go along to keep each of the templates in place. - Carry on doing this until you have a sufficient length of bunting.

Please click on the links below to download your wedding bunting PDFs.

'Bride' bunting in green

'Groom' bunting in yellow

'Bride' bunting in pink

'Groom' bunting in grey

Enjoy! Please do send us some photographs of how you have used the bunting...we would love to see them!

Holi - the Festival of Colours

Holi, the Festival of Colours, a Celebration of Spring: 27th March 2013


As this most vibrant and fun-filled festival approaches, we are thrilled to have Phillipe Brown, founder of bespoke travel company Brown + Hudson reminisce about India’s most colourful celebration.

Brown + Hudson is a luxury travel company renowned for their bespoke, exquisitely crafted travel experiences tailored to your personal style. Like Ananya, they have a passion for what they do; they create experiences that are completely centred around you, reflecting your interests, taste, concerns and even quirks. Luxury, bespoke and memorable are what both Brown + Hudson and Ananya stand for.

Ananya's colourful cards embody all the exuberance and joy of this fun festival.

Happy Holi, festival of colours, celebration greeting card
Happy Holi, festival of colours, celebration greeting card
red and orange Happy Holi greeting card for festival of colours
red and orange Happy Holi greeting card for festival of colours

Phillipe Brown reminisces….

I first experienced the sheer joy and craziness of Holi about 20 years ago. It was the day I arrived in Udaipur. I remember it vividly. How could I not? My clothes were colourfully ruined and my hair dyed a chic blend of pink and purple. In many ways the magnificent occasion left a rare and beautiful impression of India that will stay with my clothes and I forever.

Holi reminds me of face painting as a kid; and as a big one myself it’s my favourite festival. There isn’t a more vibrant, inner-child releasing celebration than the ‘Festival of Colours’.  I love India’s traditions. Like the country they’re a melting pot of everything colourful from the food, to the dance, to music and awe-inspiring ceremonies. Holi is a 48 hour festival of frolics and sheer uninhibited fun. People of all classes, ages and religions ambush each other with ‘gulal’ and ‘abil’ paint in what must be the world’s messiest party.


I seem to recall a drunken chapatti seller telling me that Holi began as a celebration of the Hindu ‘Holika and Prahlad’ legend - the ultimate tale of good triumphing evil where Lord Vishnu repeatedly saves Holika’s life in reward for her devotion. Bearing in mind his state it sounded fairly convincing. Someone else told me of another legend involving a dark-skinned Young Krishna who became envious of his beloved Radha’s lighter skin so he covered her face with bright powder. Elsewhere I read that he was just a prankster who liked nothing more than splashing coloured water over milkmaids.

Whatever its origins, nowadays it’s all about dancing, singing, gifts, parties and bonfires; basically, anything goes and the phrase ‘Boora na mano, Holi hai,’ (Don’t mind, it’s Holi!) is the motto to live by. You’ll be drenched by purple water balloons, and in turn can return the favour to perfect strangers without fear of consequences – other than being drenched back. To this day whenever my niece’s finger paintings wind up covering her face and hair, my mind wanders to that day in Udaipur 20 years ago.


To see for yourself, check out Xavier Zimbardo’s brilliant video. It’ll whet your appetite (or at least add colour to a grey day).

For further information, please visit brownandhudson.com

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